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About Us

A R Harley (2008) Ltd was formed in 1996, is family-owned and has developed the wholesale side of the business.

Company director, Nick Isles, says, "Much of our wholesale output is exported to the USA, an interesting fact since America is the home of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Having said that, our exhausts are probably the highest quality available on the market and we are the only manufacturer in the world to offer a 10-year warranty." Since its beginnings, the business, which specialises in producing parts and accessories for Harley Davidson motorcycles, now sells across the UK, Europe and worldwide. The mail order and retail sales are well developed and the next development is writing for Harley-Davidson magazines about Custom motorcycles.

Company Statement

We are pleased to present a range of well designed and high quality parts for your motorcycle as well as parts for custom bike building. We aim to be helpful with any information you may need for planning your custom bike build, some of which is available by email request. We offer the widest range of aluminium gas tanks available from a single source.

Building a Custom Bike in USA, Canada, Mexico

A R Harley (2008) Ltd approach to the supply of custom bike parts and the building of bikes comes from a particular angle. We like the customer and their needs to be the centre of any purchase. Offering the widest range of parts than any supplier in Europe and possibly on the planet along with our wide experience, we aim to help each customer obtain the parts they need either to customise their bike, provide a bike kit or to build their dream custom. We are dedicated to understanding the wants, needs and desires of the most discriminating bikers and custom bike builders
We can provide consultation sessions where customers can explore the styles and costs of their custom to see if they can fit their dream bike within their budget. Sometimes the realities can encourage the customer not to proceed or to try something else. We would rather the customer was properly advised and took the correct course of action than start a project, fail to finish it and subsequently become disappointed with their own efforts. Failing to complete a project can become a very costly process because any sale of the unused parts won't realise the cost of purchasing the parts. Our aim is to offer a range of services tailored to the customer’s style and budget. We can supply parts for you to build your custom and we can also undertake a dry build for you.

Support to Customers in USA, Canada and Mexico and other parts of the world

If you undertake the build yourself from parts purchased from us you will have available a knowledge base that you can consult at any time. We can advise you about any aspect of the build and offer the most cost effective solutions to most problems.

Complete Bike Parts Supply

If you choose to allow us to supply the parts for your custom we will undertake to provide only the best prices at our disposal. Your commitment to us will be returned to you in the prices you will be quoted.

SVA - for Self Build Motorcycles in USA, Canada and Mexico

In the UK a self build bike has to go through the Single Vehicle Approval test before it can be registered or ridden on the road. There is a book of regulations. We can supply(free, by email) a summary of these regulations. It is vital to take account of these regulations before you buy any parts for your custom bike build. Its easy to use and free on request. Browse our Custom Motorcycle Articles.. These UK regulations may possibly also be of some help to anyone in USA, Canada and Mexico.

Custom Bike Parts Checklist

Budgeting for your new bike is the most important step on road to a successful build. This checklist on an Excel spreadsheet is available free by email. It contains most parts you will need as well as some useful build hints. It will add up the prices you input and give you a total cost. It might take some time to complete, but will be the most important time spent in the process of ensuring your dream bike is more than just a dream. Its easy to use and free on request. Browse our Custom Motorcycle Articles.


Some basic tips on tyre usage and fitment. This is a useful aid when planning to fit a tyre and when clearances can be quite small and critical. Its easy to use and free on request. Browse our Custom Motorcycle Articles.

Gear Ratios

Ensure you choose the right gear ratios for you bike. Do you want improved acceleration or higher cruising at lower revs or is top end speed your thing. This model allows you to experiment with the sizes of sprockets/pulleys. Its easy to use and free on request. Browse our Custom Motorcycle Articles.

Special Offers

Keep visiting our site on a regular basis and keep an eye on our special offers. These are usually available for a limited time or limited stock availability. They are found on the lower right side of the home page.


We are not a representative of any motorcycle manufacturer and the parts we sell are not necessarily recommended by any motorcycle manufacturer.  All words used in our catalogues denoting any motorcycle manufacturer, models, motorcycles are intended for reference only. We are not an  authorised Harley-Davidson Dealer or Distributor and in no way do we  have or intend to imply any kind of business relationship with Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Our intention is to provide products  that can be used on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and custom and chopper motorcycles. Although our replacement parts are not original factory equipment, our intention is to provide quality replacement parts that meet or exceed standards set by the manufacturer. The installation of some parts may void or adversely affect your factory warranty or insurance conditions. Always check with the relevant country laws that installation of parts  does not violate these regulations.

Our Business Details registered with Companies House

A.R. Harley (2008) Limited
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21 Caunce Street
United Kingdom
Company No. 06779812
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